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Signing up for an account with eWalletXpress couldn't be easier! The registration process is simple and painless. You can begin the account process by visiting the eWalletXpress website.

The eWalletXpress site is simple to navigate. Just click the Sign Up link at the top of the homepage and follow the prompts. There are a few forms to fill out and you might have to fax in a verification form, but nothing out of the ordinary.

At some point during registration you will need to enter your banking information. It is very important that you enter this information accurately, as you will be required to validate your bank information in order to use your eWalletXpress account.

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Once you have completed the online steps, eWalletXpress will then proceed with validating your bank account. They will debit a small amount (under $2) from the bank account you provided. This charge will actually show up on your bank account as being from Navaho Networks, which is the parent company of eWalletXpress.

You will need to log in to your bank account or check your bank statement to obtain the exact amount that was debited. Once you know the correct amount, you can login to your eWalletXpress account and validate your bank account. Make certain that you enter the correct amount though, as you will only have three attempts to properly validate your bank account information.

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